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Brandon Doll

Brandon Doll is the Principal at Sports & Entertainment Advisors, a consultancy that utilizes data, modeling, and customer insights to enhance business outcomes for clients in collegiate and professional sports and other live entertainment. With over a decade of experience in the sports and entertainment sectors, Brandon has made significant contributions, including leading the Las Vegas Raiders’ transition from Oakland to Las Vegas. This move notably doubled revenue projections to $2.6 billion and introduced lucrative ventures such as the Wynn Field Club and the Allegiant Stadium Tours program. Before entering sports business, Brandon served as a Naval officer, bringing a diverse skill set to his current role. He is a recognized leader in his field, evidenced by his inclusion in the Sports Business Journal’s 40 under 40 in 2021, and actively contributes to his community through board positions at the Three Square Food Bank and the Mob Museum.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Brandon Doll’s journey to the social innovation sector
  • How Brandon’s military experience shaped his leadership style and decision-making
  • The challenges of relocating the NFL Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas
  • Why Brandon takes on board positions in various local organizations
  • What inspired The Wynn Field Club and Allegiant Stadium projects?
  • Creating unique experiences in sports entertainment
  • The value of having an embedded advisor for revenue growth
  • Implementing strategic partnership and customized solutions to grow events revenue
  • Mentorship and paying it forward

In this episode…

In the blended world of sports and entertainment, what’s the secret to crafting stadium experiences that not only draw crowds, but also open new revenue streams?

According to Brandon Doll, a visionary in sports business and stadium development, the key lies in innovating beyond the game itself to create immersive, premium experiences that cater to every type of fan. He highlights the importance of strategic design and the utilization of technology to enhance fan engagement and satisfaction. This approach not only elevates the spectator experience, but also significantly boosts the venue’s profitability and appeal.

In this episode of the WRK & WIN podcast, Corinne Milien talks with Brandon Doll, Principal of Sports & Entertainment Advisors, about revolutionizing the sports venue landscape. They discuss the impact of premium experiences on revenue, the power of mentorship in career development, and strategies for sustainable growth and community engagement in stadium projects.

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