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Evyenia “Evy” Lyons is the CEO and Co-founder of Apex Cool Labs, a company dedicated to enhancing human performance through innovative palm cooling technology. With a career spanning over two decades in marketing and brand building, Evy brings a wealth of experience to her role at Apex Cool Labs. Her journey includes a significant tenure as the Chief Marketing Officer for Traackr, a leading B2B marketing platform, where she honed her skills in demand generation for tech companies. Transitioning from a successful marketing career to entrepreneurship, Evy was driven by her lifelong passion for fitness to co-found Apex Cool Labs. The creation of the Narwhals, a portable palm cooling device, marks the culmination of her personal commitment to improving athletic performance and inspiring more women to embrace physical fitness.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What motivated Evy Lyons to start Apex Cool Labs?
  • The science behind palm cooling and its impact on athletic performance
  • How Evy’s fitness transformation influenced her approach to business and leadership
  • Creating a culture of ownership in a business
  • The challenges of setting and managing objectives and key results
  • Why a bottom-up approach to setting objectives is superior
  • How Evy focuses on meaningful work and addressing her insecurities
  • The benefits of focusing on a specific audience and channel for marketing efforts

In this episode…

How can innovation in sports science transform our approach to fitness and athletic performance? Is it possible that a simple yet groundbreaking method could revolutionize weightlifting and training?

According to Evyenia “Evy” Lyons, a trailblazer at the intersection of technology and fitness, one such method is the practice of palm cooling. She highlights the profound impact palm cooling has on improving workout efficiency and speeding up recovery times, essentially allowing athletes and fitness enthusiasts to train harder and recover faster. This innovation taps into the body’s natural thermoregulation processes to enhance physical performance, positioning palm cooling as a game-changer in sports science and fitness industries.

In this episode of the WRK & WIN podcast, host Corinne Milien speaks with Evy Lyons, Co-founder and CEO of Apex Cool Labs, about her journey from marketing technology companies to founding Apex Cool Labs. They discuss the science behind palm cooling, its benefits for athletic performance and recovery, and how this innovation is setting a new standard in the fitness industry.

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