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DeLaina Sarden is a Principal at Parker Executive Search, a leading global executive search firm known for its expertise in higher education and sports. With a background in college athletics, DeLaina previously worked at the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State University, focusing on student-athlete success. An accomplished former volleyball player at the University of Central Florida, she played a pivotal role in leading the team to significant achievements.

In her role at Parker Executive Search, DeLaina specializes in full-cycle recruitment for leadership positions in higher education and collegiate athletics, leveraging her strong communication skills and passion for building authentic relationships.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • DeLaina Sarden shares how her athletic accolades impacted her personal and professional growth
  • What was the pivotal moment in DeLaina‘s career that led to where she is today?
  • The importance of understanding the student-athlete experience
  • Why intentional listening is crucial in the recruitment process
  • DeLaina talks about what they do at Parker Executive Search
  • How to build authentic relationships in recruitment
  • How DeLaina integrates her personal and professional lives
  • The value of being intentional and inclusive in the hiring process
  • The one thing DeLaina seeks to change when it comes to finding talent

In this episode…

Are traditional methods of leadership recruitment in sports and higher education truly tapping into the full spectrum of talent available? How can we redefine these practices to be more inclusive and effective?

According to DeLaina Sarden, a dynamic leader with extensive experience in student-athlete success and executive search, rethinking recruitment practices is crucial for tapping into diverse talent pools. She emphasizes the need to move beyond brand-focused recruitment, advocating for a more inclusive approach that prioritizes talent and capability over institutional prestige. Drawing from her own journey in athletics and executive search, DeLaina underscores the importance of creating a more equitable and comprehensive talent search process.

In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien engages in an insightful conversation with DeLaina Sarden, Principal at Parker Executive Search. They discuss DeLaina’s innovative approach to leadership recruitment, her strong advocacy for inclusivity in sports and higher education, and her commitment to empowering future leaders. This episode provides insightful perspectives on breaking traditional norms in talent acquisition and fostering a more capable and diverse leadership landscape.

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