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Laura Dixon

Laura Dixon is the President of Pro Sports Assembly, an association uniting professional sports business leaders to foster a fair and progressive future for the industry. She is also the Founder of Long Game Ventures, a firm that guides sports business leaders to achieve their goals for impact. With a strong background in sports business and management, Laura has held significant roles in shaping the careers and social impact of sports figures, including NBA All-Stars and Olympic gold medalists. As a former head of external relations for Spurs Sports & Entertainment and executive director of the Spurs Foundation, she has demonstrated a profound ability to build relationships and implement sustainable financial strategies.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Laura Dixon shares an experience that shaped her leadership style today
  • What motivates Laura to drive change in the sports industry?
  • The importance of finding common ground and leveraging shared goals to make progress
  • How Pro Sports Assembly bring together diverse leaders in organizations
  • Leadership challenges in professional sports with diverse advisory board members
  • The importance of market research and inclusive leadership in achieving performance and cultural goals
  • Innovative strategies and emerging trends in sports
  • AI’s impact on sports leadership, ownership, and innovation
  • What excites Laura about the next 12 months?

In this episode…

In the world of sports management, merging innovation with inclusivity is a key challenge for leaders. What strategies are effective in balancing these critical aspects?

Laura Dixon, a distinguished leader in sports business, reveals that the secret to navigating this challenge lies in embracing open dialogue and actively seeking diverse perspectives. By prioritizing these elements, leaders can foster a culture that naturally integrates innovative ideas with inclusive practices. Laura emphasizes the crucial role of technology in enhancing these efforts, noting that when used thoughtfully, it can empower and include rather than marginalize. This targeted approach solidifies the foundation of equity and inclusion within an organization, driving substantial and sustainable impacts in the sports industry.

In this episode of WRK & Win, Corinne Milien speaks with Laura Dixon about her leadership role in merging innovation and inclusivity in sports. They discuss the transformative power of inclusive leadership, the impact of technological advancements like AI, and the challenges and successes of implementing human rights initiatives in sports settings.

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