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I’m Corinne and I’m Excited to Join Your Journey!

As a coach, I’m here to guide you through a personalized process designed to spur your personal and professional growth. Coaching with me, is about collaboration and support – will work together to identify your goals, enhance your abilities, and make sure you make strategic decisions.

This process is deeply introspective, helping you gain self-awareness, refined your critical, thinking, and effectively navigate challenges. It’s all structured to encourage continuous learning and adaptation, making coaching a powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their effectiveness and overall happiness in life.

Rather than giving advice, I facilitate a safe and supportive environment, or you can explore your potential and achieve greater performance and satisfaction.

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Tailor Your Coaching Investment

For a limited time, I’m excited to offer a unique “Name Your Price” special on my coaching sessions. This opportunity allows you to set your own price for coaching tailored to your leadership and performance needs.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills, boost your performance, or tackle specific challenges in your professional journey, this is your chance to access personalized coaching at a value that works for you.

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Elevate Your Leadership Brand

Harnessed the power of branding and tailored coaching to refine your leadership, identity, positioning, and platform with the WRK Leadership Brand Builder deigned in collaboration with BREAKTHRU Brands.

Explore our comprehensive packages for different leadership needs and stages.

Included in every package…

Discovery Session

A 60 minute session tailored to help you uncover your primary leadership type.

Four Coaching Sessions

One on one 16 minute coaching sessions, focused on deepening your understanding of your identified leadership type and integrating these attributes into your daily leadership practice.

WRK Focus Portal

Access to a community of fellow leaders and self guided training for ongoing support and development.

Essential Leadership Package: $2,000

  • Leadership Type Identification: Pinpointing the leadership style that best represents your internal motivations and aspirations within the Spectrum of Leadership EmpowermentTM.
  • Internal Influences: Leadership Types that can contribute your verified Leadership Type
  • External Amplifier: The Leadership Type that acts as an amplifier to your verified Leadership Type
  • Brand Strengths: Traits that exemplify you at your best
  • Brand Opportunities:  Traits that you can enhance to achieve your full potential
  • Brand Attributes: A way to internalize what makes you unique, including your ‘Mirror Mantra’

Advanced Leadership Package: $3,000

  • Key Stakeholder Interviews: Four (4) interviews conducted on your behalf to strengthen the perceptions to impact your brand strategy
  • Brand Goals: What you want your leadership to accomplish
  • Brand Who: Credibility-building market positioning to inform a digital profile headline
  • Brand What: Credibility-building market positioning to inform a quick pitch (elevator pitch)
  • Leadership Positioning Strategy: A comprehensive approach to refining your leadership identity to enhance both market and internal positioning, aligning your leadership style with your career and organizational goals and setting you up for success.

Premium Leadership Package: $4,000

  • Brand Story: An empowered narrative to weave together personal and professional history in a way that is relevant to the current market and positioned for increased impact.
    (<2,600 characters to update LinkedIn About)
  • Communications: Content guidance to establish a thought leadership platform that can inspire interviews, articles, speeches, and other communications. Taglines, headlines, and buzzwords are recommended.
  • Impact: Opportunities for greater impact revealed based on Leadership Type
  • Leadership Activation Strategy: A comprehensive action plan that effectively communicates your leadership identity and positions you for influential roles.

BREAKTHRU Brands is a pioneering leadership development firm dedicated to advancing gender, racial, and identity equity in leadership. They specialize in crafting unique Leadership Brands, empowering leaders to overcome barriers like stereotyping, bias, and discrimination.

Through personalized brand-building strategies, BREAKTHRU Brands enhances leader visibility, effectiveness, and inclusivity within organizations. Their approach not only boosts individual confidence and clarity but also fosters a more inclusive corporate culture. 

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