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Jeffrey Moss

Jeffrey Moss is the Founder and CEO of Parker Dewey, a company that aims to address the challenges associated with college-to-career transitions through micro-internships. Parker Dewey has cultivated a large network of motivated college students and recent graduates, all eager to complete short-term professional assignments.

Prior to founding Parker Dewey, Jeffrey spent most of his career as a venture investor specializing in the education and technology sectors. He previously worked as the Chief of Enterprise Growth at Educational Testing Service, where he concentrated on the use of assessment tools to promote equity in education and employment. Beyond his work with Parker Dewey, Jeffrey is dedicated to enhancing educational outcomes through his investment activities and support for various nonprofit organizations that serve a wide range of learners.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jeffrey Moss talks about how his idea of micro-internships came about
  • What were the early days of Parker Dewey like?
  • Jeffrey shares a client’s success story after embracing micro-internships
  • How micro-internships help students achieve their dream jobs
  • A big challenge Jeffrey had to overcome as he was running his company
  • Funding micro-internships
  • Why Parker Dewey is the craziest thing Jeffrey has done

In this episode…

Navigating the path from college to a fulfilling career can feel like a winding, uncertain journey. In a world that demands hands-on experience, how can students explore different avenues without committing to a full-time role? Micro-internships might be the answer, providing bite-sized experiences that open doors to new opportunities.

Jeffrey Moss, the Founder and CEO of Parker Dewey, has taken this concept to new heights. Parker Dewey offers micro-internships that allow college students to try out different fields and industries, bridging the often-daunting gap between academics and the professional world. Through flexible, short-term projects, students gain valuable insights and businesses identify potential talent. It’s a win-win, reshaping the traditional concept of internships and creating authentic pathways from college to career.

In this episode of WRK and Win, host Corinne Milien explores the innovative concept of micro-internships with Jeffrey Moss. They discuss the beginnings and impact of Parker Dewey, shedding light on how micro-internships create accessible and meaningful transitions from college to professional life. They also talk about the importance of exploration through micro-projects, the empowerment of students to discover their passions, and how businesses can benefit from this flexible approach to talent recruitment.

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