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Charles Nieves

Charles Nieves is the Chief Revenue Officer at Georgia Institute of Technology, a prestigious educational institution known for its advanced technological research and studies. With an extensive background in collegiate athletics, Charles began his professional journey at Georgia Tech, working as a ticket sales consultant while pursuing his MS in Sport Administration from Georgia State. For nearly 15 years, Charles has carved a niche for himself in revenue generation roles at Power Five institutions, including the University of Georgia, Penn State, and Miami.

In addition to his expertise in building and managing corporate partnerships, he has also showcased his leadership by heading marketing initiatives and team partnerships for major brands like GameDay Vodka. Charles’ approach to revenue generation, underscored by relationship-building and a solutions-based mindset, has consistently set new standards in the realm of collegiate athletics.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Charles Nieves’ beginnings: growing up and starting his career in sports
  • What does Charles bring to Georgia Tech Athletics?
  • The kind of people you should surround yourself with
  • Pitfalls and mistakes in the past that gave Charles the best lessons
  • Charles’ mentors and the best pieces of advice he learned from them
  • How to maintain relationships and connections
  • The craziest thing Charles has done professionally
  • How can leaders further challenge themselves?
  • Charles’ dream for Georgia Tech

In this episode…

Every sporting event pulses with energy — but what truly elevates a college sports game day is not just the sport, but the surrounding experience. But how does one transform a regular game day into a spectacle of community involvement and palpable excitement?

Charles Nieves, Georgia Institute of Technology’s pioneering Chief Revenue Officer, has been shaping the answer. With an ambitious vision of packed stadiums and pre-game streets brimming with activity, he’s transforming the Georgia Tech game day experience into something that sets new benchmarks. From innovative concert series to community-centric initiatives, Charles’ strategies extend beyond mere revenue generation, intertwining sport with community spirit.

In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien engages with Charles Nieves, exploring the driving forces behind his dynamic initiatives at Georgia Tech. They delve into the essence of creating a memorable fan experience, the genesis of the “hell of a block party,” and the critical role mentorship plays in shaping sports professionals. Join them as they discuss the intricate connection between revenue generation and crafting a sense of belonging that fans treasure.

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