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Allison Fillmore is the Vice President of Business Development at the PGA TOUR, the premier organization in professional golf renowned for organizing professional golf tours in North America. Before joining the PGA TOUR, she held positions at the Atlanta Falcons, NASCAR, and the Atlanta Dream. In her current role, she’s focused on growing the business, improving fan experiences, and building strong partnerships. She is also committed to promoting diversity, leadership, and community involvement in the sports industry. With over 20 years in sports marketing and sales, Allison has a knack for working with partners to create and implement innovative solutions that meet their goals, improve the fan experience, and boost the PGA TOUR brand.
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Allison Fillmore talks about how her early passion for sports led to her current role
  • Allison’s experience working as a woman in a male-dominated field
  • Partnerships, sponsorships, and diversity in the PGA TOUR
  • Allison’s mentors in the sports industry
  • Empowering student athletes through organizations
  • Allison’s new role in official marketing partnerships with the PGA TOUR
  • The legacy Allison hopes to leave
  • The importance of relationship-building and creating memorable experiences for attendees

In this episode…

Ever wondered how the sports world, particularly golf, shapes memorable experiences and community development? What does it take to blend these aspects seamlessly? Allison Fillmore, an influential authority in the world of golf, believes the key lies in building strong relationships and constantly creating unforgettable experiences. By leveraging her extensive knowledge of the sports industry and passion for charity, she emphasizes the interconnectedness of sports, community outreach, and personal growth of young athletes. In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien speaks with Allison Fillmore, Vice President of Business Development at the PGA TOUR, to discuss her extensive work in the golf world. They discuss Allison’s new focus on official marketing partnerships with the PGA TOUR where she emphasized the importance of relationships, a positive mindset, and a good culture in achieving success. The conversation also touched on the role of mentors in career development and her vision for empowering young athletes through academics, athletics, and charity.

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