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Romola Ratnam is the Senior Vice President and Head of Impact, Inclusion, and Advocacy at Endeavor, a global sports and entertainment company known for fostering some of the most dynamic storytellers, brands, and live events. At Endeavor, Romola is responsible for all corporate social responsibility initiatives, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, and leveraging the company’s vast network to drive social change. This includes the development of Endeavor Impact, the company’s social impact brand, and the realignment of the Endeavor Foundation to support industry inclusion. Before her role at Endeavor, Romola served as the Director of Corporate and Sports Partnership at UNICEF USA, and as a Co-executive Director of the SEED Project, a sports and education nonprofit based in Senegal. She started her career at the National Basketball Association in Global Business Development, concentrating on their philanthropic arm, NBA Cares.
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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Romola Ratnam shares the pivotal moments that led to her current role
  • How Romola’s passion for equity and inclusion shaped her career path
  • Leveraging celebrity influence for social change
  • Balancing social impact and business objectives in a corporate setting
  • The future of impact-driven strategies and inclusive profit practices in sports
  • Maintaining a strong company brand while nurturing and attracting an engaged workforce
  • Mentors that influence and inspire Romola
  • The legacy Romola wants to leave

In this episode…

In the corporate world, creating an environment that champions diversity and inclusion while maintaining a strong brand image and business growth is a challenge. Is it possible to achieve that balance without compromising one for the other? According to Romola Ratnam, an accomplished executive in the global talent space, the balance is not only achievable but deeply beneficial. She asserts that businesses that champion diversity and inclusion can effectively enhance their competitiveness while contributing positively to society. In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Romola Ratnam, SVP and Head of Impact, Inclusion, and Advocacy at Endeavor, to discuss how diversity and inclusion can harmoniously coexist with business goals. They talk about Romola’s belief in the power of businesses to drive positive change, the twists and turns of her career journey, and her future aspirations for leaving a lasting legacy.

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