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Justin RileyJustin Riley is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Hillman Grad, a full-service media and production company focusing on empowering underrepresented artists and amplifying the stories of diverse, historically marginalized communities across all industries. He is an experienced professional with a unique background, bringing a blend of skills from various fields. Justin holds an undergraduate degree in television and broadcast journalism and a master’s degree in leadership development from Chapman University. He previously worked at Fox Sports, Open Gym Premier and Westbrook.

Justin previously served as an executive director of the Hillman Grad Foundation, working on the launch and development of two inclusivity-focused initiatives — the Hillman Grad Mentorship Lab and Rising Voices. Justin’s work in these roles earned him recognition as one of the New Leaders of Hollywood by Variety and a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Leader by the Los Angeles Times in 2022.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Justin Riley’s career arc
  • Why being collaborative is crucial in a leadership role
  • What influences Justin’s leadership style today
  • The challenges of admitting mistakes and committing to improvement
  • How Justin prioritizes employee empathy and support while maintaining company goals
  • How the Hillman Grad Foundation provides opportunities for creative talents from underrepresented communities
  • What Hillman Grad does to ensure creators don’t burn out after their first big opportunity
  • How Justin finds harmony amidst everything he does
  • Justin’s vision for the future of work and inclusion in creative careers

In this episode…

Ever feel a personal connection to a story on screen? Or perhaps a sense of disconnect due to the lack of representation? While the entertainment industry is vast, stories from underrepresented groups are still barely heard or recognized.

Justin Riley, a pioneer in implementing diversity initiatives, is dedicated to changing this narrative. He firmly believes the industry needs fresh perspectives to evolve, and that comes from giving access and opportunities to voices that have been historically silenced and marginalized.

In this episode of WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien sits down with Justin Riley, Senior Vice President of Operations at Hillman Grad, to talk about his work in amplifying diverse voices in Hollywood. They discuss Justin’s approach to balancing personal growth and professional development, his vision for a more inclusive and accessible future of entertainment, and the transformative impact of fostering opportunities for underrepresented creatives.

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