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Christine Lawrence is the Senior AVP at EXL, an analytics and digital operations company helping clients improve business outcomes, and has nearly two decades of experience in research and insights. Her expertise has informed some of the world’s largest sports and entertainment providers, including Viacom. She’s the former Senior Director of Insights and Analytics at World Wrestling Entertainment.

Christine excels at increasing understanding through data democratization, improving decision-making, and elevating deliverables through data-driven storytelling. Christine regards data as an enabler of lifelong learning opportunities across all verticals, empowering change and offering solutions.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Christine Lawrence shares what attracted her to research and insights
  • How working for Nielsen shaped Christine’s approach to data-driven storytelling
  • Christine explains how analytics contributes to content regarding consumption and distribution
  • What are some innovative practices that can ensure diverse audiences?
  • How Christine fosters a culture of creativity and data-driven decision-making
  • How can leadership style inspire team productivity?
  • The lessons Christine has learned from a career in data and analytics
  • Processes for staying focused and working efficiently

In this episode…

Data storytelling involves data analysis, statistics, visualization, and presentation to create a compelling, easy-to-understand, and persuasive storyline. So, how can this narrative also influence business decisions and actions?

As a leading research and analytics veteran, Christine Lawrence understands how data storytelling clarifies complex issues, making them more accessible to decision-makers. Analytics departments cover all content-consuming media such as TV, streaming channels, and social media platforms. These teams must understand what drives viewership, as this information helps them determine how specific information is distributed. Data storytelling can also identify trends and patterns that affect commercial placements and company sponsorships. While data storytelling is not a panacea, it is imperative to critically evaluate data stories and consider the potential for bias before making data-based decisions.

In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien speaks with Christine Lawrence, the Senior AVP at EXL, about data storytelling. Christine shares what attracted her to data-driven storytelling, why analytics is essential for content consumption and distribution, and how her leadership style inspires team productivity.

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