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Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis is the Chief Marketing Officer and President of Central States Manufacturing, a 100% employee-owned nationwide manufacturer of metal roofing, siding, and building components. She is the first to hold the CMO position at the company, overseeing marketing, strategy, and innovation, while also leading Central Storage Works. With a career that includes leadership roles at companies like LEARFIELD, Amazon Web Services, Honeywell, Planar, and Intel, Jennifer brings extensive experience in executive marketing, operations, and general management. She is also the author of Well Made Decisions, a book on organizational decision-making and strategy. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree from Warner Pacific University and a MBA from Pepperdine University.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jennifer Davis shares her background and why she is who she is
  • What does Central States Manufacturing do?
  • Why Jennifer loves working in a 100% employee-owned company
  • Jennifer’s approach to the first 90 days as a new leader
  • Onboarding strategies for senior leaders
  • The importance of building relationships and trust in a new workplace
  • Tips to prioritize work after entering a new organization
  • How to identify quick wins in a business through process efficiency
  • The cultural significance of identifying and solving problems as a team
  • Branding and rebranding efforts in the first 90 days of a new role
  • How to be intentional with time and prioritize what’s important

In this episode…

Have you ever wondered what it takes to effectively navigate the crucial first 90 days in a new leadership role? What strategies can transform these initial days from a period of adjustment to a launching pad for long-term success? Could there be a blueprint for setting the pace for triumphant leadership from the onset?

With her wealth of experience in numerous industries, Jennifer Davis asserts that the key to thriving in the initial 90 days of leadership lies in a nuanced approach. It involves understanding the unique environment of the new role, setting concrete yet adaptable goals, and swiftly identifying and capitalizing on early victories. Her methodology goes beyond conventional onboarding, blending deep organizational insights with a proactive stance toward challenges and opportunities.

In this episode of WRK & WIN, Corinne Milien sits down with Jennifer Davis, Chief Market Officer and President of Central States Manufacturing, to explore the essentials of successful leadership transitions. They discuss Jennifer’s effective strategies for the first 90 days, discussing the critical role of pre-boarding, effective goal setting, and the motivational power of early wins. This insightful conversation offers practical tips for both emerging and seasoned leaders to excel from day one.

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