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RaShaun Brown is the Co-founder and CEO of Screen Skinz, a company revolutionizing the traditional screen protection market by producing officially-licensed and personalized screen protectors. He has a versatile academic background with undergraduate degrees in sports management, business administration, and marketing and a master’s degree in sports administration, all from the Ohio University.

Starting his career in sports, RaShaun gained experience with Russell Athletics, the BIG EAST Conference, and the 12th Man Foundation, where he focused on fundraising for Texas A&M Athletics. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business innovation led him to establish RMBrown Ventures, a pioneering venture focusing on unique solutions within major brand licensing.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • RaShaun Brown shares his journey to founding his businesses and disrupting the screen protection market
  • What inspired RaShaun to take the entrepreneurial path?
  • How RaShaun builds a team
  • Giving back and supporting diversity in sports
  • The importance of building a supportive network for minority founders
  • What’s next for RaShaun and for Screen Skinz?

In this episode…

Ever wondered how unwavering passion and steadfast perseverance can catalyze the building of an innovative venture?

According to RaShaun Brown, a seasoned entrepreneur and innovator, the fusion of passion and perseverance serves as the cornerstone of building a successful innovative venture. His transformative journey demonstrates that entrepreneurship extends beyond business — it’s about harnessing your passion, persisting through challenges, and continuously striving for innovation.

In this episode of the WRK & WIN, host Corinne Milien sits down with RaShaun Brown, Co-founder and CEO of Screen Skinz. They delve into his transformation from sports enthusiast to industry innovator and discuss how his relentless drive has enabled him to overcome challenges and thrive in the business world. RaShaun shares insights on securing licensing rights with major brands, handling inventory management strategies, and fostering a nurturing and diverse work environment.

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