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Experience the benefits of a diversified team.

We all know that better ideas come from a more diverse team, but how do we actually get there? The answer is, together.

WRK helps match talent who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to inclusive organizations looking to hire top talent.

Expand your talent sourcing.

Extend your reach to untapped networks of highly qualified, self-identified BIPOC talent.

Save time on outreach.

Optimize your outreach and interaction with candidates using the WRK plarform.

Drive change in your organization.

Deliver metrics to support your initiatives around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Work with like-minded hiring professionals.

Supplement your team’s efforts and hiring process with additional resources and services from our team.

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Share Job Posts with the WRK Community of Communities

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Leverage our team to attract and recommend top talent 

Add-on services based on additional needs

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