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Jesse Rodriguez is the Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Manager at Octagon, a global agency specializing in sports, entertainment, and culture. Octagon offers innovative solutions to hundreds of well-established corporate clients, manages over 10,000 events annually, and provides leadership in understanding and leveraging fan passions to enhance marketing strategies.

In their role at Octagon, Jesse leads diversity and inclusion recruitment, serving as a talent acquisition partner to multiple departments within the company. They bring over 13 years of HR experience to the hiring team, contributing significantly to sourcing talent across multiple industries. Recently, Jesse has stepped into the corporate sports business space, exemplifying the growing recognition and benefits of hiring skill sets that transition across industries and go beyond traditional sports knowledge.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jesse Rodriguez talks about how they support diversity and inclusion (DNI) in Octagon’s hiring process
  • Ensuring potential candidates are aligned with the company’s culture and values
  • How Jesse handles applicants who are not fit for the role they are hiring for
  • Are the hiring considerations consistent across all Octagon offices worldwide?
  • The roles Octagon is currently hiring for
  • Jesse’s tips on how to land entry-level roles
  • Octagon’s remote flexibility work arrangement
  • The best piece of advice Jesse received

In this episode…

Unlocking your career potential and landing the perfect job can often feel like an uphill struggle, particularly in the highly-competitive sports and entertainment industry. However, with the right guidance, persistent effort, and a little understanding of what employers are looking for, one can significantly improve their chances.

Jesse Rodriguez, a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter and Talent Acquisition Manager at Octagon, sheds light on what a global agency in sports and entertainment usually seeks in potential hires. Whether it’s roles in brand management, client services, or account management, Jesse has a wealth of tips and information to share.

In this episode of WRK and Win, Nicole Britenriker and Corinne Milien are joined by Jesse Rodriguez from Octagon. Jesse provides vital insights into Octagon’s hiring process, emphasizes the importance of persistence in job hunting, and shares some exciting open roles across Octagon’s departments. Tune in to learn about how to make a persuasive application, the perks of working remotely, and the significance of passion for your work.

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