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Following the successful launch of the Equity Advocate Grant, we are excited to announce our first recipient, Jaime Brown. This grant underscores WRK’s commitment to empowering leaders who drive impactful change. Jaime, a results-driven DEI strategist & consultant, epitomizes the leadership potential this grant aims to unlock.

The Equity Advocate Grant was established in partnership with BREAKTHRU Brands to empower underrepresented leaders committed to driving positive change within their communities and organizations. We recognize that many leaders face systemic barriers, and we are dedicated to providing the resources and support necessary to overcome these challenges. By investing in leaders like Jaime Brown with a personalized leadership brand and coaching, we aim to cultivate a new generation of impactful and inclusive leadership.

Jaime’s work as a DEI strategist and consultant aligns perfectly with the mission of the Equity Advocate Grant. Her innovative approaches in local governance, community education, and organizational environments have consistently fostered spaces where diversity and equity thrive. This grant supports Jaime’s continued efforts to create meaningful and lasting change through an elevated profile.

“The Equity Advocate Grant represents WRK’s dedication to lifting leaders with the vision and drive to create positive change. We are honored to support Jaime Brown as she continues to break barriers and inspire others through her work.” — Corinne Milien, CEO of WRK

At WRK, authentic leadership is inclusive and representative of the diverse communities it serves. The Equity Advocate Grant reflects our core values of empowerment, growth, and innovation. By offering this opportunity, we are working to:

  • Amplify the voices of underrepresented leaders.
  • Foster environments where leaders can thrive.
  • Drive systemic change through strategic leadership initiatives.

Supporting leaders like Jaime Brown is not just about individual success; it’s about creating ripple effects that benefit entire communities and industries. We are committed to advancing equitable representation in leadership and believe empowering diverse leaders is essential for achieving this goal.

“I am grateful for WRK and the Equity Advocate Grant! I applied, hoping to expand my personal and professional branding through storytelling, amplifying not only my work and overall mission but also the crucial work happening in the communities that I serve. The grant has already proven to be beneficial, and I am excited to see how leveraging the collaborative efforts between myself, WRK, and BREAKTHRU Brands further advances community engagement and equity.” — Jaime Brown

We are proud to support Jaime Brown on her journey and look forward to witnessing the positive impact she will continue to make. WRK is a firm dedicated to empowering leaders through innovative, people-powered solutions.

About WRK

We are a trusted agency built to maximize human potential. We work with visionaries and outliers to collectively overcome workforce challenges. Our ecosystem of partners has extensive experience offering a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses build their team and develop their people. We are a female, minority, and veteran-owned business.


WRK partner, BREAKTHRU Brands is an innovative People Empowerment Solution turning people potential into effective leadership. Through their transformational approach to Leadership Empowerment, they build personal Leadership Brands that elevate the unique contributions of diverse leaders, transforming leaders’ individuality into a strategic advantage.

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